Nasty New MODMATE E-Liquid(60ml)


MODMATE Feature:

WEIGHT: 0.15 kg
DIMENSIONS: 4.5 × 4.5 × 11.2 cm
NICOTINE STRENGTH: 0%(0mg), 0.3%(3mg), 0.6%(6mg)

Nasty New MODMATE E-Liquid Flavors:

True Fruit

Red Apple: Taste of sweet red apples, fresh from the orchard.

Lychee: Fragrant and well-rounded taste of real lychee.

Fruit Fusion

Strawberry Kiwi: A sweet, fresh and zingy mix of Strawberry and Kiwis.

Grape & Mixed Berries: A sensational mix of bittersweet dark grapes and tart berries.

Open Bar

Peach Lemonade: A refreshing combination of peach and lemonade.

Red Energy: Set your senses abuzz with our specially brewed Red Energy.

True Tobacco

Vanilla Cuban: A rich and flavorful vanilla paired with cured tobacco for a creamy-sweet finish.

Menthol Tobacco: Offers a nice, cool sensation with subtle hints of sweetness for the perfect menthol hit.

True Ice

Mango Ice: Enjoy the experience of a cool and refreshing mango slushie with our quenching Mango Ice flavor.

Watermelon Ice: A refreshing combination of mouth-watering and juicy watermelons topped with a dash of icy sensation.

Note: MODMATE For DTL Vapor 


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